Nail Enhancements

There are three main nail enhancement techniques available, each with their own unique characteristics. They are:

  • GEL

So what’s the difference?

All are excellent enhancement systems which give very similar results. They can all lengthen short nails by using a tip or sculpting form or alternatively overlayed directly onto the nail plate to strengthen natural nails. When applying a full set of enhancements to a new client, we like to start with a full consultation because the 3 systems have different application methods.


To apply acrylic a brush is dipped into liquid (monomer) then into a powder (polymer) which creates a small ball (or bead) of product that is applied to create a hard protective layer over your nails. It hardens by exposure to the air. Professional removal of acrylic is very easy by having the product soaked off in the salon, followed by a moisturising manicure.


There are two types of gel.

  1. U.V. GEL is part of the acrylic family but is different in that it is not a powder, it is a ready mixed pot of gel. The gel is applied in several thin layers and only hardens when each layer is cured in a U.V. light for 2 minutes. This product is removed only by filing off so professional removal is definitely advised.
  2. BIO SCULPTURE gel is a ‘soft’ gel that is removed by soaking off. The application is the same as above.


Fibreglass creates a thin, strong flexible extension and can also be used on weak nails to re-inforce them. This system is also ideal for doing small repairs. Fibreglass is a woven strip that is cut to shape and fit onto the nail plate and tip extension. The strip is then covered with a layer of resin which merges perfectly with the fibreglass or silk can be bought from orange county dispensaries. The resin hardens by being sprayed with a fine mist of activator. The removal of this type of product is very fast and easy.


It is imperative to maintain your new nails at home! We can apply a beautiful set of nails for you but when you leave the salon it is important to remember our mantra – ‘Your nails are your jewels NOT your tools’! To maintain good adhesion of the product it is essential to use Phenomen Oil multiple times a day, particulary with acrylic as this does help to prevent lifting of the product cost, quick loan no credit check direct lender. You should avoid putting your hands into bleach and cleaning chemicals and be generally aware of looking after your new nails. Fortnightly maintenance of your nails to re-balance them is essential.